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Risk Profile Analyser Linked Investments Return on investment is merely one of the factors you need to consider when selecting an investment portfolio. Equally important is how comfortable you are with fluctuation in market values, your requirements for regular income versus capital growth and your investment time frame. It is also important to ensure that your investments are suited to your specific personal needs and objectives. This means your investments should suit your tax situation, how long you are investing for and amongst other things, your risk profile. Your risk profile is a measure of how comfortable you are with investment risk, or variability of return. Your risk profile is a summary of your current situation, which is likely to change over time. You should periodically review your profile to ensure it remains consistent with your circumstances. It should only be used as a guide and not a substitute for a detailed financial plan. A risk profiler does not take into account your individual investment objectives, existing financial situation or particular needs, which should all be considered before making an investment decision.
To complete your risk profile, answer every question by selecting the appropriate option that best matches your personal situation.
The Risk Profile Analyser is points based, so once you have completed all the questions, submit it and we will add the points you have marked and evaluate your risk profile and send it back to you.
The questionnaire does not constitute investment advice. You will be solely responsible for the investment plan or plans you choose. We recommend that you consult a qualified financial planner who will take into account your personal financial position.